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Future Releases.


The Monster Hunters. Legends & Myths.

For years governments from all over the globe, covered up the truth of creatures of legend & myth, were living among us. But with ever rising incidents The Monster Hunters are born. A team consisting of military, friends and misfits, who just maybe can protect us all from trolls, werewolves and much more.


The Monster Hunters is my first full length novel, which will be available in all formats. Keep an eye out for all information on the young adult/adult fantasy fiction The Monster Hunters. Legends & Myths.


The Dinosaur, The Alien & Reggie Bean. The S.A.E Trumpbottom Detective Agency.

Reggie Bean is a 8 year old boy who lives in the crazy town of Trumpbottom, who along with his best friends. Tike a dinosaur and Zipp an alien, they are the S.A.E Trumpbottom Detective Agency. Follow their adventures as they try to solve crimes in their town. A children's book that will be available in all formats.


It Sure is Depressing This Depression.

Depression & anxiety is a big part of life in the 21st century. With most people going through some sort of mental health issue in their life (Including me) It Sure Is Depressing, This Depression is an non-fiction eBook on the subject.

         Second Untitled Book of Poetry


My second book of mixed poetry, as yet without a title, which will be available on eBook.

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